What is The Value of an Artist ?

Welcome to the Jazzviolinist Blog .

My name is Samuel Williams AKA Savoirfaire – Jazz Violinist ;at your service !

It has occurred to me for several years now that the general public including many family members , associates and personal friends of mine do not have a clear understanding of what I do for a living . It has been my desire over the years to expound in detail on the various aspects of what it means to me to be an Artist and also how I attempt to make a living while maintaining a high standard for producing quality thought provoking new work . The very idea that there would be be a need for an explanation had been extremely frustrating for me . From my view along with a generally shared view from Artist friends of mine has been that if it isn’t obvious then its probably because what ” you ” are producing is lacking in some way . However as I have wrestled with the why’s and how’s of my Art , while struggling to be productive and provide for my nuclear family ; it has become more apparent to me that people just don’t have time to think anymore much less appreciate Art . Having come to this conclusion this blog has become a priority that I can no longer put off .

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my activities , thoughts , techniques and ruminations about  Jazz with respect to the Violin . But I am also very interested in the opinions ,discoveries and historic achievements of current and previous Jazz Violinists . In 2003 I recognized that there was very little accessible material on the subject of Jazz Violin and I attempted to launch a website designed to provoke other jazz violinists to pay closer attention to the genre . I bought the Domain Name Jazzviolinist.com . It was my hope that I would be able to locate other like minded musicians from the attention the Domain name would garner on the internet . I was also hoping that it would eventually grow to the point were it would become a ” Virtual Haven ” for Violinists that thought outside the Classical Box . I wanted to have a web presence that featured important Jazz Violin pioneers as well as chronicle the history of the genre and its offshoots . Alternative Violin playing to me is where the Classical concept had matured from , and it feels like the time has come again to harness creative energy to reinvigorate stogy precepts . To my disappointment things didn’t go as planned . There was no flood of emails and messages . There were no societies and organizations clamoring to submit material or concerned with Jazzviolinist.com . What I did notice however is that even though there weren’t droves of people paying attention to the niche ( Jazz Violin ) there became a need for other Jazz Violinists to re -title searches for themselves by posting Jazz Violinist before their name . This was very exciting to me it felt like I had become a subconscious catalyst for change in the mind set of existing Jazz Violin artists and the various marketing machines behind them . Since then my personal struggles to cultivate my own playing and basic survival as a full-time musician have taken precedence . I had to focus on my own career and try to maintain and document my own work . So I am hoping that this blog format will inspire other alternative Violin players to respond and communicate with their discoveries so that this may become a place for us to grow .

So lets begin by exploring with the title question:

What is The Value of an Artist ?

I will add my opinions on this subject little by little everyday . I will also be looking for and responding to comments and posts from anyone who cares LOL .


2 thoughts on “What is The Value of an Artist ?

  1. Good to hear you are starting such a blog Samuel! I just finished a short essay on jazz violin for my masters at Melbourne University, Australia, and am interested in the work you’ve done. The essay was titled “Jazz Improvisation of Classically Trained Violinists” and is really just an introduction to the whole area. I’m a classically trained violinist with a small amount of jazz experience.

    • Hello Katriona ! Thank you for your comment ! Thank you for reading the blog ! I hope you have a chance to read the following entitled ” The Three Pillars of Jazz “. Where can I read your essay ? can you post it here ? Or post the link if its an internet article ? I really looking forward to reading your work and also viewing your videos – do you have any Youtube clips I can check out ? Mine are posted as links to my website Jazzviolinist.com . All the best in your growth and development continued success !

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